Our Story

The story of HexoCare™ started back in 2018 when the founder experienced severe back pain and dealt with bad posture. Not being able to afford expensive treatments he decided to find a more affordable way to improve posture and overall health.

After several years of research we were finally able to launch our HexoBack™ Lumbar Decompression Belt in 2020 which quickly became the main affordable treatment option to improve posture and relieve our customers of back pain.

Here at HexoCare we believe that the key to our success is to make a serious impact on the health and happiness of our customers.

Throughout or many years of experience we realised that we would be able to provide our customers with more affordable treatments to relieve various other types of pain. So in May 2020 we created a new Research and Development department to create innovative products within the following research areas:
- Acupuncture
- Neck Pain
- Skin Care
- Dental Care

Our objective has always been to provide a unique and simple experience of growth and improvement for each and every one of our customers.