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Mini Oxygen Inhaler 24hours Continuous O2 Machine Inbuilt 8 Hours Battery Oxygen Concentrator Household Oxygenerator Car Charger


Mini Oxygen Inhaler 24hours Continuous O2 Machine Inbuilt 8 Hours Battery Oxygen Concentrator Household Oxygenerator Car Charger

Our Advantages

1. About shipping: we have this goods in stock and can send in about 24 hours if order is made and shipping time is about 3-9 days all over the world.
2. Long term warranty: all goods we offer 3-10 years warranty.
3. Our company has more than 5 years of experience in the development and production of oxygen generators.
4. The total area of the production base is about 20,000 square meters, 30 production lines, and more than 100 R&D personnel.
5. Our main products are oxygen machine, beauty instrument, massage instrument, acid discharge blanket and so on.
6. Product warranty for three years


Name: Smart oxygen concentrator
Voltage inlet: 100-240V
Power: 5W   Noise: ≤45dB
Oxygen outflow: Appro x 3Liter Per Minute
Oxygen concentration: 30%
Product  Size: 140(L)*140(W)*70(H)mm
Package Size: 265(L)*233(W)*130(H)mm
Battery capacity: 5600mAh
Anion Function: yes
Installation: Mini

Product Advantages:

1, Small size design. Its product size is only 14*14*7 cm.
2, Long life Built-in battery. The machine has in-built battery so that easy to carry. The battery can lasts for about 8 hrs if full charged. That is to say, when you go outside to use this machine, it can work for about 8 hrs continuously without any charging during your outside time.
3, Easy operating. The item is designed for EASY USE. Instead of complicated using operation, this machine is very easy to install. On the display, there is one POWER IN, ON/OFF button, ANION button, POWER showing function and O2 outlet.
4, Easy charging. You can connect the item into both AC wall power and Vehicle power.

Brief Introduction:

COX-01B portable oxygen concentrator is the most lightest, smallest and quietest oxygen concentrator for travel and ambulatory oxygen needs.

It has three power suppliers:
First, it is can be used for cars. With an adapter to connect the car and the machine, customer can absorb oxygen smoothly while driving, and the mini structure of this machine takes itself little space, making no trouble like your lovely pet.
Second, it is portable with an rechargeable battery,light and bag carrying, so it could accompany you to enjoy your life outside like a close friend.
Third, it is can also be used after plugged in.
And it comes with a portable bag, you can carry it to travel.

Function of the oxygen concentrator:

1.Improve the oxygen content of the air in the place, relieve fatigue, and strengthen the body's immunity;
2.Improve sub-health status, reduce pollution and harm to the body under harsh environment;
3.Improve the oxygen content in the body and improve related diseases caused by hypoxia;
4. Long-term use can enhance memory, maintain vigorous energy, and relieve aging.

Packing list:

1 x Smart oxygen concentrator machine
1 x AC charger
1 x Vehicle power charger
1 x Oxygen tube
1 x Carry Bag
1 x manual