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BMC FM1A - CPAP Full Face Mask For Sleep Apnea


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The BMC FM1A is an entry level CPAP/BiPAP mask designed to help treat sleep apnea. Although an entry level mask, this full-face mask comes packed with an impressive variety of features. Its advanced-core technology features numerous functions and unique design concepts.

The BMC FM1A Full Face mask connects with headgear clips. The FM1A provides maximum comfort thanks to its slide-in design and dual-wall cushion that can seamlessly adjust to fit your facial contours with minimal pressure points.


✅ Less Parts = More Convenience
Boasting a clean and simple design, the BMC FM1A full-face mask features a 5-part construction, making it easy to assemble and clean.

✅ Does Not Obstruct Vision
The BMC FM1A CPAP/BiPAP mask boasts a wider range of vision, allowing you to use your phone or watch TV while wearing it.

✅ Bilateral Vent Hole
The special bilateral vent hole design effectively reduces dead space.

✅ Dual-wall Cushion
If you are looking for a comfortable full-face mask on a budget, the extra softness of the BMC FM1A won’t disappoint you.

✅ 360-degree Elbow Rotation
The all-around elbow rotation design offers flexible tube position

✅ Anti-asphyxia Valve
Anti-asphyxia valve for better safety

✅ Adaptive Headgear Clips
The most comfortable headgear position



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